3 Incredible Ways To Enjoy Nutella

In honour of World Nutella Day (yup, it’s a real thing!) the folks here at Encore Catering created a mouth-watering Nutella-infused dessert that has everyone drooling – our Homemade Nutella Poppers!

Our time spent in the kitchen coming up with the coveted creation got us thinking – how else can you enjoy Nutella?

Read on to find out!

#1. Bananafana Fofana Smoothie 
Nutella on its own is amazing – but have you tried it with banana? Take a hike, peanut butter, there is a new sheriff in town! Try a smoothie with banana and espresso, ice and a touch of cream – you’ll thank us later!

#2. It’s Brownie Time
What is the only way you could possibly make a delicious chocolate brownie even better? Nutella, of course! Try mixing 1/2 cup Nutella into the top of the batter and prepare to be Nutellamazed!

#3. Rice Crispytella
Ohhh the classic Rice Crispy Square – but this time add, wait for it…. Nutella! Trust us, add a spoonful of the sweet, chocolatey goodness to your batter, and voila!


To place an order of Encore Catering’s incredible Homemade Nutella Poppers visit EncoreCatering.com and fill out the Contact Form, or call us at (416) 661-4460!


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