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As a family-owned company, Encore Catering is sensitive to the impact that sustainability has on humanity. Encore makes ethical choices to reduce our carbon footprint and promote sustainability in order to ensure the well-being of future generations. Whether it’s our waste-reduction efforts, sourcing local quality ingredients, or using environmentally friendly products, Encore takes meaningful steps to actively reduce its impact on the environment. 

Organic Waste Disposal

It’s no secret that large-scale food production comes with wastage. It’s inevitable. At Encore, we make sure that all of our waste is dealt with in an efficient and productive manner. For example, we have green bins stationed in our kitchen facility to dispose of organic waste—including food scraps and leftovers—in an environmentally friendly manner. Every week, GFL Environmental picks up our organic waste to convert it into high-quality compost, wood chips, and mulch. Our organic waste disposal is just one example of how we utilize our green policy as part of our long-term waste management plan.

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Materials are ordered in bulk to reduce packaging as well as carbon emissions and we favor local suppliers who use sustainable practices. Encore’s newest delivery trucks are fueled by diesel to reduce fuel consumption and lower exhaust emission. We also utilize a fleet management system to track our deliveries and develop routes that minimize mileage, while optimizing the capacity of our vehicles. Encore’s cleaning products are biodegradable, and we have updated all lighting to become more energy efficient. 


Recycling Blue Bins are used for the disposal of appropriate materials to minimize environmental impact. Where possible, refillable containers will be used for the collection of waste fluids such as waste cooking oil. All fryer oil is recycled after usage. We only use recyclable or compostable cater ware and have recently transitioned our recyclable cater ware into biodegradable disposables. We utilize renewable bamboo serving vessels and promote the use of refurbished products. 


For disposing of compostable products, we use a food waste diversion system that includes composting according to the client’s food waste management system. When catering at off-site venues that don’t recycle, Encore transports certain materials back to our facilities to recycle/compost while following applicable laws for transportation of materials. 


Staff are continuously trained in ways to prevent food waste, including proper food rotation, food preparation techniques, and ongoing education regarding waste management best practices. Food waste is recorded and documented allowing progress tracking to minimize wastage. 


Encore Catering uses modern purchasing software in order to prevent over purchasing, which can lead to excessive food waste. Our office and kitchen staff use iPad computers when possible, connected to cloud-based technology, to limit the use of paper. Encore purchases energy star computers, printers, and appliances whenever possible.

Purchasing Locally

We’re continuously sourcing and working with local suppliers for organic, sustainable, and fresh food ingredients. This includes purchasing our produce directly from the Ontario Food Terminal. Our long-term relationships with suppliers ensure we get the best of what they have to offer, which allows us to create and develop exciting new dishes. Our menu items prioritize locally grown food ingredients while ensuring quality and consistency.

Environmental Stewardship & Sustainability

Encore makes ethical choices that reduce our carbon footprint and promote sustainability. Whether it’s our waste-reduction efforts, sourcing local quality ingredients, or using environmentally friendly products, Encore takes meaningful steps to actively reduce its impact on the environment. To this end, Encore uses its purchasing power to buy locally sourced food and biodegradable packaging. We also use recyclable products as much as possible and cleaning products that are biodegradable.

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