Make Your Bash A Breeze—Event Planning Tips

  • December 14th, 2017
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Event planning has never been easier!

With our vast understanding of venue spaces and rental equipment, at Encore we pride ourselves in being able to make sure your event is prepared in all aspects. From the food catering, to staff that will handle it, to event rental equipment and the clean up time—Encore is there to help you every step of the way!

Here are some tricks and tips to keep in mind to ensure your event planning is current, realistic and effective.

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1. The Flow.
Your event must be accessible. How the room is laid out will impact your event immensely! You want to be able to arrange your rental space and equipment that will easily allow your guests to move around from mingling about to the buffet table. Encore can make this event planning process a walk in the park (quite literally, based on your venue choice) with our staff of catering coordinators who come on site prior to the event so they can analyze the floor plan and help decide what’s best for you.

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2. Bar Favor!
Having a bar set up at your event helps your guests get into the groove! If your event has guests coming from all over the place who haven’t had a chance to meet, a bar helps your guests interact with each other and ultimately, have fun. You want your event to be about others having a great time so they can talk about it afterwards, so live a little!

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3. Dress Up & Down!
Event planning also requires you to pay attention to what’s going on above and below. Rugs and floor decor can impact how your event looks and feels. Consider eye-popping colours and unique patterned rugs and lighting that dazzles your guests and gives them the selfie lighting

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4. Speaking Of Selfies…
Your event should be shared with the world! Whether it’s a giant interactive station, food service by acrobats or a giant inflatable duck, your event should have a real ‘wow’ factor that will keep your guests on their toes and alive on their Instagram story. Consider creating an event hashtag so your guests can look back and think what a great event was hosted!


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