Tiny Food Trends—The Internet’s Obsession

Tiny gets big.

Get your tiny chef hats and miniature oven mitts on, because this food trend is hot and fresh out of the oven!

Miniature food has been a craze as of late, as we’re hit with a steady stream of media showing off regular sized hands handling tiny foods. There’s a sort of amusement you get by watching someone pour a tiny pitcher of water into an equally tiny cup. Miniature foods are often require sharp precision and delicate handling, but it is very amusing to watch and looks great on camera.

Encore is on top of food trends happening around Toronto and the world. Although tiny food isn’t well suited for events for 200+ people, we do have miniature foods that look oh-so-cute in photos and fill empty stomachs! Let’s look at some of the more practically sized food items that Encore can provide for you!

These Rainbow Mini Doughnuts are just as delicious as they look! No one needs an introduction to doughnuts, but believe us—they are absolutely amazing. These doughnuts are not limited to just having rainbow sprinkles, but we are also able to provide sweet toppings of any variety such as chocolate dip, vanilla, and also themed colours for your event. You name it, we’ll be sure to work with you to provide you with your favourite flavour!

Ahi Tuna Tacos in a wonton crisp. This is probably our number one pick as far as tiny food goes. A tiny taco like this packs big taste! The raw tuna with the light crunch of the wonton gets you going back for more. If you’ve got poke bowl fans in the crowd, having this as an option for your guests will really blow them away!

Baby. Baos. Why not combine two food trends together? Toronto’s been going on a bao binge as of late and we’d like to get in on some of that bun action! We’ve got our Mini JFC (Japanese Fried Chicken) Bao presented here. It’s a steamed chinese style bun with fried chicken, pickled carrots, daikon and a dollop of kewpie mayo on top. We finish the bao with a drop of hoisin sauce and send it on its way! This option isn’t limited to fried chicken—we also offer different proteins that can be sandwiched.

The Pulled Beef + Taro Chip falls pretty close to the Ahi Tuna Taco. The shell offered is extremely different—an adorable and crunchy ‘taco’ shell with a slight bit of saltiness helps cut into the fattiness of the protein that it is served with. While some might find the JFC bao a little bit too heavy, this little h’or d’ouevres is great as a midnight munch. By the way, have you noticed how taro is in right now? We got those.

Should you have these for your event? Of course! These are the kinds of h’or d’ouvres that your guests will be so excited to try at your event! Whether it’s food trends you found or you’re interested in sharing with your guests—just propose the idea to us, we’ll be sure to try it out and have it ready for you at your tasting.

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