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The perfect catering package exists!

Encore Catering’s idea of making you a guest at your own event is where it all begins. When you start your call with Encore, our catering coordinators and staff are ready to help you find exactly what you need in your budget and timeframe.

We handle your catering logistics based on your guests and event space, so you don’t have to worry about the need for waiters or servers. Having our own private staffing company means that prices are consistent and no secret charges are thrown at you—our servers, bartenders and waiters are all exceptionally trained and arrive to the venue appropriately and professionally dressed.

Worried about the layout of your event? Feel like there’s not enough wiggle room for all your guests? Let our coordinators be the judge of that! Our catering coordinators are able to create floor plans to accommodate your guests with great expertise and precision. Part of the full catering package means that you don’t have to worry about the hiccups you might face during your event.

When you pick Encore as your caterer, we welcome you to try your own menu in our in-house tasting room! This helps us get to know you and find out what dietary restrictions your guests may have! Our professional chefs are there to explain in detail the dishes that are presented to you. We care about the food we produce—so it is essential that you should know every step and ingredient that goes into our dishes.

The ideal catering package isn’t limited to a specific kind of event—we would prefer to provide this for all our guests to create a strong relationship. Whether it’s a wedding that needs to be catered, a corporate lunch event or a small private dinner party, Encore is there to ensure every step of your way leads to a successful and memorable function! And that, is the Encore goal.

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