Ethnic Food Catering On The Rise

It’s hard to designate Toronto as having it’s own cultural background. Truthfully, we’re a combination of multiple cultures and that diversity is what makes this city so great. Within the past decade, ethnic food culture has really grown in Toronto. We’re talking food on a depth that is past the variety of all-you-can-eat sushi or the standard order of… Read more »

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Venue Review: Todmorden Mills Heritage Venue

History Originally known as the “York Paper Mill”, Todmorden Mills has a unique history as a Toronto Art and Culture Venue. In 1797, John Graves Simcoe established a functional mill to distribute lumber throughout the neighbouring areas, creating a hub of resources. The mill was owned and operated by two families – the “Skinner family”… Read more »

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The Beauty Of Asian Fusion Catering

The Asian culture is filled with magic and elegance, from the beautiful cultural themes, to the deliciously stunning display of food. The beauty of Asian fusion offers new and exciting ways to experience a unique culture that brings the whole family closer together. What We Offer Encore’s Asian fusion catering offers plenty of choices for… Read more »

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