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Independent venues are a growing trend for event planners—the idea is similar to ‘airbnb’, but for event spaces. This allows you to have events closer to your desired location, choose a spot on any budget and be inspired by the fresh new environment that is offered. These independent venues all vary from urban warehouses, refurnished lofts and intimate pop-up stores. These areas are perfect if you’re looking for a new, trendy venue and it is an equally great environment to host an event with catering for weddings, corporate meeting catering and social catering!



Right now, we are looking at an independent venue in Woodbridge that sells itself as an “industrial, rustic and chic” event space. Their goal is to cater for guests looking for a downtown vibe while close to Vaughan. With an area at 3,000 square feet and throwing in an additional 1,400 square foot patio, the event space gives the host an open canvas to fill the area as they desire. In addition to such a large area, the event space also allows for event catering. Amenities include Wifi, parking, tables and an A/V supplier to provide speakers and lighting.

Woodbridge Independent Venue Event Space Interior Detail

Independent Venue in Woodbridge

Woodbridge Independent Venue Event Space Hall

Independent Venue in Woodbridge

Woodbridge Independent Venue Event Space

Independent Venue in Woodbridge: Adorned with classic wood and brick walls

We are greeted with an image of a large hall, ready to be changed and dressed as you envision your perfect event. The room is adorned with rustic brick walls and wooden planks, which fill the area with a sense of coziness and intimacy, despite being at a full 3000 square feet.

With a setting like this for up to 300 people, who wouldn’t consider an independent venue for their next wedding or corporate event?

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Event Caterers With More! — Interactive Food Stations

What can your event caterer provide to add some spice into your next function? As an ambitious planner, you’re looking for a unique idea that will make your event memorable. Interactive food stations are a great way to add an interesting element to your event!

Whether it’s a corporate event or a wedding, food stations entice your guests to get up from their seats and move around. This brings an exciting element for your event-goers as they can mingle, relax, stretch and most importantly, enjoy some delicious and beautifully presented food. Food stations can also be highly recommended if you’re on a limited budget, as event caterers can offer you a large variety of food in an exciting way! Let’s cut to the chase, here are just a few samples of interactive food stations that Encore offers!



The Iberian Station is the full experience of Portuguese and Spanish cuisine. The station is set with your choice of 3 tapas, 1 ensalada, 1 verduras, 1 proteina and of course, the Paella de Encore.



Asian street food is what really embodies this station! Featuring Chinese-origin steamed baos, Vietnamese Banh Mi’s and Korean-inspired Kimchi Fries, this small station tackles a big variety in flavours!


A Hawaiian sensation that’s sweeping the world! Encore offers three different kinds of poke bowls, Ahi Tuna, Salmon and a veggie bowl with crisp tofu or tempeh. Soy sauce marinade with sesame oil and plentiful variety of greens make this bowl suitable for hot, summer events!



Featuring traditional taco shells, Encore offers flour or corn tortilla cups and lettuce cups as a gluten free option! With a delicious choice between carnitas, mariscos and veduras accompanied with pico de gallo, guacamole, stewed black bean and many more additions, the taco station is a go-to for everyone.



It can be hard to think of ways to wow your guests and create a memorable experience. An event caterer isn’t limited to just what is served, but also how the event will run. With the right caterer offering you the perfect choices, you can be assured your guests will have a great time and you can have a stress-free time at the event yourself!

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Providing More For Your Cottage Wedding

When planning for an outdoor event or cottage wedding, there are many things to consider. The challenges of setting up your event will change depending on the event type and the location of the venue. Here are some methods to know if your event caterer is up to par with executing your event.



While planning out your cottage wedding menu, the weather can make an impact on your guests’ appetite. Provide something light and refreshing on a hot day, rather than having a heavy dish. Finger foods and hors d’oeuvres are easier for guests to munch on while chatting and mingling. Speak to your event caterer about how they’re going to bring the food to the venue and keep it at the ideal temperatures while outdoors. Encore offers delivery with food that stay refrigerated in trucks. Additionally, if outdoor foods like burgers or fries are required to stay hot, we are able to bring ovens and fryers to create a kitchen environment from practically nothing.


Picking out the ideal spot is one of the first and hardest steps. There are many great spots to host your outdoor event, like Muskoka for weddings, Haliburton for picnics or even in your own private cottage. Deciding where to host your event will be based on number of attendees and distance for them to travel. If you’re planning to have your event in an open area for a large number of guests, you might have to rethink the food offered, unless your catering company knows how to present fresh-made food at any point of your event. Encore’s expertise lies in the years of service we’ve provided for the GTA and Toronto. Regardless of the event and location, we offer elegant cuisines, kept fresh and made delicious for your guests!


Of course you’ll be planning your event on a beautiful, sunny day. Your guests will need some shade and a place to cool down if they are going to be outdoors all day. Tent rentals will need to be provided if the venue you are at is an open area. Also consider if food will be served under shaded tent areas as well. Tent catering can offer your guests a chance to cool down while they wait for the food at the event. A tent may not always be necessary. For example, a resort area in Muskoka can offer adequate housing and space for your guests.


A corporate picnic or a catered outdoor wedding can be much more fun with a DJ! Check with your catering company to see if they offer any sort of entertainment along with their food. A better catering company should offer more than food and go above and beyond than simply preparing food. Having the option for a company to help you coordinate your outdoor wedding logistics such as staffing and rentals can save you a headache.



These are a few things to look out for when hosting an outdoor event or cottage wedding. Regardless, with the right food and drink, an outdoor event caterer will help provide the perfect environment that will only increase your guests’ enjoyment!

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