Catered To Care—Tenant Appreciation

  • December 14th, 2017
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Let your tenants know that they are cared for!

Encore can help you plan a fun and memorable catered event for you to display your tenant appreciation!

No matter what your budget or guest count is, Encore can make any catered event outstanding for your tenants.
Show your tenants their value and their loyalty will be invaluable! Tenant appreciation can go a long way—from referrals to strong relationships—your tenant is a long time investment and just with a modest budget, you’ll be able to keep them happy and looking forward to more tenant appreciation events.

A simple breakfast buffet can keep your tenants enthused and eager to greet one another. This creates an active social ground for your tenants as well as you getting to know them a bit better. We’ve got the perfect menu for these sorts of social events—click here to dive into breakfast inspiration!

Toronto breakfast catering

Encore’s Chia Pudding is a fresh and healthy breakfast option for both corporate and social breakfasts.

Worried about tenants with a busier schedule? Plan a schedule event such as “healthy lunch” days and have set meals delivered to their doors! Check out Encore’s options for boxed lunches and ‘take-out’ by giving us a call or inquiring about it through out contact section! We’re always open to receiving calls and emails, so don’t be shy!

toronto lunchbox catering

Tenant appreciation events can be quite overwhelming to deal with, but in the long run, creates stronger bonds between real estate management and tenant. Unsure about anything? Encore is here to help—our well-versed and completely trained catering coordinators are capable of helping you bring out the best for your tenant appreciation event, while matching your budget!


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