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  • December 15th, 2017
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Autumn is a great time to introduce more hearty dishes into your menus. Having your custom catering menu based on seasonal fares mean that you’ll have the freshest and most delicious produce that you can present at your functions!

How about some inspiration for your custom catering event? We’d like to show off a bit of what’s been garnering attraction in our kitchen!

We’ve really been digging soups to set us in the mood for the approaching colder seasons! What’s more heartwarming and soulful than coming inside to a warm bowl of thick, hearty soup?

First up, we have a pumpkin soup! A pumpkin soup really defines festive, especially towards the end of October. It doesn’t take much to make a delicious pumpkin soup—just some onions, garlic and thyme and this soup will have your guests singing! If you’re into taking an adventure with this soup, try a chipotle pumpkin soup—a spicy southern twist will definitely get you warmed up!

encore catering custom catering menu tasting pumpkin soup shooter

Here’s Encore’s alternative to the pumpkin soup! To accentuate the pumpkin, we garnish the soup with a cinnamon based creme and top it off with a caramel spice. Served in a 2oz shot glass or a small bowl, your custom catering menu decides how this delicious soup will be enjoyed by your guests.

toronto catering encore alternative picture food sad boys

A green Thai curry is a variety of curry that is aromatic, sweet and savoury all at the same time! Green curry is extremely easy to make and once you have the perfect green Thai curry, you have the base to make a lot of Thai curry dishes. The richness from the coconut milk used in the recipe makes it hearty and with just a little bit of spice, it’ll be keeping your event hot and fresh. Enjoy this simple curry with a steaming bowl of white rice or just by itself!


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