Toronto Catering Showcase 2017—Event Recap

  • December 14th, 2017
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The second annual Toronto Catering Showcase has just passed! A big thank you to everyone that came by the show and tried some of the great food that Toronto caterers had to offer. Additionally, a big shoutout to the caterers that came through and presented their best!

If you missed out on the event, here’s a quick recap of Encore at the showcase and some snaps of the event!

encore toronto catering showcase 2017 stand booth

Due to the rising demand of ‘street food’, what we presented was different from our regular offerings! We wanted to simulate the experience of being able to walk through a market and having the ability to sample all sorts of food quickly. We didn’t put any cutlery or plates you would have to be dedicated to—instead, we had food served in takeout bowls, skewers and throwaway cups!

encore toronto catering showcase food skewers ribs delicious halo halo filipino desserts

An action shot of all our plates being served!

toronto food short rib jackfruit skewers encore showcase

Our two chefs, Maxime Roy and Richard Andino at the helms!

toronto food short rib jackfruit skewers encore showcase

First off, we had our jackfruit and short rib skewers! Man, these were hard to keep a hold of! These short rib skewers flew right off the grill as soon as we started! Maybe it was the intoxicating aroma of the soy-pineapple marinade grilling on the flat-top, or the juicy grilled jackfruit that added just the right amount of sweetness… But this classic twist on asian street food was extremely well received!

toronto encore forbidden rice seafood spicy food

Moving our way down the booth, we had these bowls of sweet + spicy forbidden rice with coconut milk! Thai chilies lightly graced this banana leaf bowl which added more to the authentic asian street food vibe. The two pairings of the short rib and the forbidden rice proved to be a delicious combination! #twinning.

toronto halo halo dessert filipino phillipines inspired cuisine delicious ube taro authentic

Last, but certainly not least, we had our ube halo-halo! This halo-halo is straight from Chef Andino’s own family recipe, even down to the manual ice shavers! If the mouth-watering smell of short ribs didn’t get your attention, your eyes would immediately dart over to our ice sculpture! Our ice sculpture doubled as the shaved ice for our halo-halo. That’s efficiency.

bram and bluma appel salon toronto downtown yonge bloor catering venue

Again, we’d like thank everyone that came out and supported this event! It’s really great to see all the caterers of Toronto to see what they bring to your table and eventually, into your stomachs!


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