Pass The Canapes!—Seminar Catering Previews

Showing that new merger what you’ve got?

Or making sure this integration sticks? Winning over this megabid? Whatever your business lingo is, let’s face it—your team is going to need some energy to keep firing what it takes to keep your company on top!

Encore offers company seminar catering for small and large corporate groups. Just recently, we catered for a small corporate meeting. We keep quiet and discrete so your business isn’t interrupted. Let’s take a look at some of the h’ors d’oeuvres that were served at this specific seminar.

encore catering classic bruschetta crostini canape hors doeuvres

Our take on a classic bruschetta, diced roma tomatoes, bufala mozzarella on a toasted crostini. Simple, to the point and easily agreeable!

encore catering strawberry ricotta bruschetta crostini canape hors doeuvres

For those seeking some more adventure, our strawberry ricotta bruschetta hits the perfect amount of sweet, fresh and creamy!

encore catering toronto lobster salad

Our new lobster salad is a combination of superfruits—avocado and papaya—combined with roma tomatoes, macadamia nuts to enhance the texture and our little secret, fish sauce. Don’t forget the hunk of lobster!

encore catering jamon dates

Bacon lovers rejoice! Or should I say, jamon lovers? Our jamon wraps around a slightly spicy serrano chili pepper and manchego cheese stuffed into a date. The sweet port reduction turns this already candied jamon slice into, almost literally, candy!

encore catering toronto pulled pork pineapple canape

Our asian pulled pork on a slice of grilled pineapple is the perfect shot at big flavour! Dripping with hoisin sauce, our pulled pork is combined with scallions, making it a very hearty and sweet asian-inspired canape!

Wowing your featured guests with Encore’s corporate seminar catering can be a walk in the park! With dozens of business and seminar catering done every day—not to mention the years of experience on our hands—we can safely offer you the best seminar catered event you could ask for!

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