Event Recap—Corporate Catering & Movie Night with TIFF!

While we weren’t invited to the actual screening, we did help host an corporate catering event for TIFF! At the Roy Thompson Hall, in the heart of downtown Toronto, just about 400 guests gathered to a private screening and we were there to help settle them in!

Let’s take a look at some of the action that took place at the Roy Thomson Hall with TIFF!

This was our kitchen for the day—despite being under a tent and having very little wiggle room, we sent out food at punctual times and not only were they delicious, they also looked great!

Our Clams + Chorizo tapas from our Iberian Peninsula station.

Our chefs preparing their station.

Our interactive buffet stations were a perfect match for this corporate catering event! Guests were able to walk around freely and inquire about dishes right with our personable and professional chefs. With a huge selection of worldwide foods being passed and a large buffet, guests were ecstatic with the cuisine that we provided—and before we knew it, it was time for the screening!

While guests were enjoying the flick, we started clearing the hall and getting ready for desserts! Our dessert station was a beautifully set buffet with a huge variety of sweets!

The infamous Encore Doughnut Wall!

Creme Caramel—our absolute favourite!

Overall, it was a spectacular night and a well received event! Corporate catering can always be easy, no matter what the number of guests or occasion with Encore. Our seasoned chefs and professional wait staff are always there to help and make your event run smoothly. We just can’t wait for the next TIFF event, it’s always a blast!

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