Chefs That Care!—Delivering Elegance To Your Event

At Encore, we surround ourselves with catering chefs that care about the food that they put out. During your event, whether it’s large or small, the demand is the same—beautifully plated and masterly crafted cuisines must touch the palates of you and your guests.

Our professional catering chefs excel at helping you host your private weddings and events and are extremely knowledgeable about the food that is provided. They are able to recognize dietary restrictions and plate accordingly.

Our chefs take great pride and care into their work so it’s not rare that you’ll find them documenting their plates! Pictured below are some shots of an event that our chef Thanush took for a private wedding! Great shots and great plating.

When deciding on a caterer, you’ll always want to know who is working behind the scenes and see what they are capable of. Our professional catering chefs are available to arrive on-site and set up for your corporate or wedding dinner service. From then, they are prepared to construct beautiful dishes for you.

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