Getting To Know Your Event Caterers

Getting to know your event caterers is crucial to setting up a perfect event!

When you’re deciding on a catering group, you should be familiar with not only the food, but the people that are working behind the scenes, ensuring your event goes smoothly. At Encore, we provide you with a chance to meet our catering coordinators and staff—we believe in face-to-face meetings and having direct communication to guarantee that what you want is provided.

We know that when decisions are made, large groups or wider audiences can change your ‘finalized’ choices! We offer our tasting room prior to your function, in the event that something needs to be changed to your menu. Whether it’s dietary restrictions or a new trendy food attraction that needs to be added, we are able to provide you with a sample to ensure your needs are met!

Looking to keep your relationship with Encore going? We’re flattered! Our professional chefs love to keep up with food trends in Toronto and provide you fresh, new foods with our aim to keep you interested in what we can offer for your guests!

Our chefs and coordinators love having a chance to speak with you and keep you updated with new foods and menus you can offer, with samples brought to you and your team!

When you get to know your event caterers, you can put your trust into them and they should aim to provide you with a beautiful service, no matter the size of the event! Encore’s team of seasoned chefs and professional coordinators are able to answer any questions you have in regards to the menu and event planning.

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