Need For Feed—Vehicle Release Catering!

Planning for a vehicle release or vehicle unveiling?

So you’ve got the plan: you know your customers and you know what they like. You know the promotion techniques. You’ve got the right influencers invited. You’ve got the vision of a huge sale. There’s a lot on your mind and you’re going to need to keep your guests entertained.

Encore offers catering services for a smooth and sleek vehicle release. With an amazing repertoire of h’or d’oeuvres, beautiful chef hand-crafted dishes and interactive food stations, choosing Encore as your vehicle event caterer, we can make your event smoother than a Sunday morning drive!

vehicle product launch interactive station catering encore

Offering a catered lunch for a luxury car showroom can be an excellent idea as it draws in guests and potential new faces. You don’t have to be restricted to new products or a new vehicle release to capture the attention of new clients! It’s all about entertaining the right people to share your event and spread the word.

Encore is capable of creating themed dishes and menus to suit your vehicle release needs! Additionally, we are able to craft beautiful dishes on site and ensure the utmost freshness is delivered to your important clients and influencers!

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