Night Markets In Toronto—T&T Night Market

What summer is complete without the smell of fresh egg waffles, durian and “stinky tofu“? For those who are adventurous and need a little more Chinatown in their lives, the annual T&T Night Market is back!

Running for its 8th year, The T&T Night Market with a new location, the Hearn Generating Station (440 Unwin Ave), the Night Market is a free-to-enter event featuring street food from Pan-Asian delicacies. An irresistible destination for foodies, lifestyle bloggers and curious Torontonians! Apart from the variety of food you may encounter, there are also live performances at the event space.

What can you expect walking into this night market? Let’s take a look at some of the past events.

torontolife t&t night market vendor catering

Image from Toronto Life. T&T Night Market, vendor announcing his special

torontolife japanese pan-asian catering food

Image from Toronto Life: Takoyaki (Japanese squid balls) in preparation

torontolife event catering t&t night market

Image from Toronto Life. Curried beef balls

The Night Market is a great event for those seeking fun towards the end of summer in Toronto. It offers itself as a symbol of diversity and allows everyone a chance to document and experience new food. For those who search hard for interesting food and hidden Asian gems throughout the year, a majority of the food can be found at this market! With flexible hours and a full weekend schedule, T&T Night Market is one of the events in Toronto that you can’t miss!

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