Night At The.. Library?—Event Recap

Shh! We’re trying to plate!

Hope you had a great weekend, Toronto! This civic weekend, we helped celebrate and cater a wedding at the Toronto Reference Library. That’s right, the library in the heart of downtown Toronto as a wedding venue! Let’s take a look back on what happened this Sunday.

The reception area was beautiful, with the summer sunset gleaming in from the smaller patio. With a direct lead into where we were plating the entrées, food was easily and quickly delivered to guests. The ceremonial hall was packed—almost 300 people were in that space—celebrating, dancing and having a great time!

We started out in the offered kitchen space which splits off into two sections—one leading into the reception hall and the other into the ceremonial hall. Here, we started plating our delicate h’ors d’oeuvres and arugula salads. Wait staff was able to get in and out through entrances on both sides of the kitchen, allowing a smooth and easy service.

Here are some of the h’ors d’oeuvres that we provided for the guests at the event!

Angus Tartar with Crispy Sage on Crostini

Salmon Tartar

Kabayaki Glazed Black Cod

As the night progressed, we moved to a larger room to send off our starters and plating our entrées. We set up in this room to ensure the most efficient method for delivering hot plates to our hungry guests! Even though we plated enough for almost 300 people, the service went smoothly and quickly! Guest counts like that just don’t scare us anymore—our seasoned chefs are ready to tackle any situation.

Arugula Salads being dressed by our chefs

After that, it was time for the entrées! Our chefs were ready to go and get plating!

Here are the entrées we provided for that night!

Pan Seared Seabass

A group shot of our Short Rib

Vegetarian entrée option—Truffle Mushroom in Potato Pasta Wrap

The Toronto Reference Library proved itself to be a very accommodating and fun venue location! Even as 300 people shuffled about the area throughout the night, it was very spacious and comfortable. Encore is very proud to have had such a successful night in celebrating this wedding at an extravagant venue location!

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