Ethnic Food Catering On The Rise

It’s hard to designate Toronto as having it’s own cultural background. Truthfully, we’re a combination of multiple cultures and that diversity is what makes this city so great.

Within the past decade, ethnic food culture has really grown in Toronto. We’re talking food on a depth that is past the variety of all-you-can-eat sushi or the standard order of butter chicken. As a progressing city, we’ve grown to really appreciate food when it’s authentic. We’ve grown curious to the roots of how cuisines are prepared and enjoy the complexity of dishes and their tastes. We ask why certain cuisines are dependent on one kind of meat and not another. We want to know how a dish is cooked and the intricate spices that are put in. All these questions show growth in our society because we are willing to learn.

When we talk about food culture in Toronto, we talk about the diversity and variety of cuisine that is presented for us. Encore Catering offers Toronto a range of cuisine to fit every guest’s dietary restrictions, whether it is gluten-free preferences, dairy intolerance or meat abstinence, you name it; our catering company is here to make sure your guests have an unforgettable dining experience.

With our expansive team of passionate cooks and chefs, we build menu items based on what we know best, from our ethnicity and background. Below are just some of the different dishes that we’ve created and a brief description on the ethnic food influence.


Vietnamese styled chicken spring rolls with lime, sweet chili dip

Encore - cha gio

Common Vietnamese appetizer, chả giò.

These spring rolls, chả giò, are traditionally stuffed with minced pork, vermicelli and mushroom; due to dietary practices, we’ve made a stuffing with chicken. Perfect to accompany any of our catering menus as an hors d’ouvre.

• Jerk chicken knish

Encore - Knish

Knish, Eastern European street food, stuffed with jerk chicken

Knish is a dough, usually stuffed with savoury or sweet fillings. A traditional staple in Jewish comfort food, we’ve added some kick into our knish with a stuffing of jerk chicken. Expect to see these offered at our kosher catering events!

• Kabayaki glazed black cod

Encore - glazed black cod

Seared black cod with kabayaki glaze

Kabayaki refers to the method of preparation of fish; it is split down the back, gutted, butterflied and then dipped into soy sauce before placed onto the grill. As a top-rated catering company in Toronto, we create dishes with vivid flavours and extraordinary plating; the kabayaki black cod exemplifies this. Additionally, the cod is a really great option for any corporate event.

• Pakora with date, lime chutney

Encore - Pakora fritter

Indian fritter, Pakora

Pakora is found all throughout India, usually served as a snack or tea-time appetizer. It is a classic, irresistible finger food. This fritter is generally made with potatoes and onions, but other vegetables can be mixed in as well such as eggplant, spinach or tomato, in a gram flour batter. This small bite brings a big crunch to our vegetarian menu!


Ethnic food has started to grow in popularity, as a Toronto catering company we are not shy of creating authentic cuisines from all backgrounds; we pride in authenticity and exquisite flavours for all our audiences. As more and more food of different origins emerge and trend in Toronto, we’ll be sure to suggest and cater it at your next event!

Any questions about our food? You can get to us at 416.661.4460 or email us at with any concerns!

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